It's always busy here in the studio - and art class people have produced some brilliant work this year!
Barry's splendid 'Snow on Gold Hill' was finished a month ago - and is this year's Art Lounge Christmas card - Barry has very kindly allowed it to be available to buy from the lounge..
I have recently completed a painting of autumn trees
- 'Autumn Rain'. On sale now priced at £450
In the music studio - I'm nearing completion of
some collaborative tracks - I'll be uploading them shortly and the links under the music section will be active.
Welcome to the Art Lounge blog - you can chat to me on Facebook and see larger pictures of the studio output on Instagram -
see links under contact
And finally - It's the time of year where we are so often lookng for interesting & affordable gift solutions - the Art Lounge offers vouchers from £10 for all services - tuition, printing art etc - just the thing for an unusual present....!
A warm welcome to Sarah Goy who has taken up residence in the studio - link to her site below.
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